About Our Organization

Amani means "life" also the name of a beautiful girl with angelic eyes,curly hair, and an amazing smile. WhenAmani was born, doctor's discover that Amani's intestines were not completely formed, providing great medical challenges during a life-threatening procedure, Amani Suffered a stroke and died. She was revived but now suffers from Cerebal Palsy. Amani never gave up through her obstacles, with a second chance at lif. Opening in 2007, Amani Residential Human Services is dedicated to providing excellent care for second chances at  of our youth.

Encouraging Character

We are lucky Our services consist of a team of dedicated Qualifies Professionals, Associate Professionals, Paraprofessionals, Therapists, and outside resources whose number one goal is making youth our top priority! Amani impements best practice techniques and its nationally accreditedby CARF and is licensed by the  state  of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.